Testimonials Aliya

Now it has become possible to have a karmic life reading online with Aliya. 

Many say it has been incredibly accurate and profound, even when it is online. Here come a Danish woman sharing her online reading with just audio (no video) and she never heard of Aliya before: 

... " 

That reading went straight in my heart and my feelings. What Aliya told me about my becoming was true and I felt it so clearly in my body. 

Everything, and I mean everything, that Aliya told me about my time on earth until now is absolutely true. I'm excited about the future if it brings what Aliya told me about. If so, it will be a big step in my life. Never before have I met / talked to a person who so clearly and to the point told about me. 

No one in the family knows me as much as Aliya was able to tell. I felt it on a deep level. I cried afterwards for an hour, I was lightly shocked that she saw everything in me. I look forward to the time ahead with open arms. Thank you from my heart, Aliya.

Warm greeting,

Dorthe, Helsinge, Denmark, March 2019



For me, meeting Aliya... was one of the greatest gifts of Life itself. It felt like God meets God in the most "intimate" way. What happened during workshop and during personal session is beyond words. My life has changed very profoundly after that. During workshop we were invited to connect with the Divine each on our own way... ohhh... what happened then! I felt like "swallowed" by the Divine/God and could see/experience everything from my life (from child to my age at that moment: 29), and things were shown to me what I could have done or said on a different way, so where my "actions" were not full of love....and I could see/experience that through "the eyes of God", so, there was no judgment at all, only pure compassion. I felt on very deep soul-level a fully soul-surrender to the Divine, where i deeply experienced in my Being "not my way... God’s way I walk".... difficult to put this in words....

Being with Aliya put my "incarnation" on an intense way into motion, so, my essence in a deeper and deeper merging with my physical structure. It has afterwards been an intense process of guiding this further and further. Ohhhh.... what a bliss!

During workshop there was also dance.... haha... it was Dancing with your own Divinity.... The God/Goddess that you are in "movement", in action, in JOY.... Listening to Aliya’s voice.... touches me still very very deeply.... the vibrations are for me very, very familiar. Aliya is during workshop also very to the point/accurate when people ask questions. She confrontates on a very clear lovely way!

The personal session was also very, very profound! No one else could be so clear and truthful! Things that Aliya "showed" me and told me have come true! There is soooo much gratitude and soooo much love and deeeep respect that I have for Aliya! Again... I say Thank you thank you thank you! You are a still a bliss on my path!

 ~ Sophie de Stralande, Gent, Belgium


Thanks a lot for a fantastic Reading. It was a huge AHA experience. Certain things I already knew, other things came as a big surprise, which I had to admit was right though. It has really shaken up in my life. The most amazing is probably that I could take it all in, although it has
been difficult to accommodate. I believe this is due to your loving and neutral way in which you
communicate it. Now I DO have to go to your course. Thank you Aliya and Freddy.
Many greetings
Maja, Copenhagen
I had a reading with Aliya today. It was truly an experience beyond the ordinary. She put words on things I had been thinking and shook me with truths I might not want to hear, but needed to hear. It is all landing more and more in me as the evening is progressing. Thank you very much!
Katarina Malmqvist, Stockholm
I've been to a reading with Aliya and it was among the best I've ever done for my own personal development. What an amazing woman you are!
During approx. 50 minutes Aliya makes a summary of my life in relation to my mother, my children and the men in my life, including my ex-husband. Aliya presents all my thinking throughout my life in 50 minutes. Some truths were not easy to accept ... but that's just something I have to grab on to.
One of the persons I was advised to ask to forgive I met right afterwards and it was a fantastic moment with touching tears, joyful tears and tears of all kinds, but now we are even closer to each other.
Thanks Aliya ... god bless you ... Spasibo
Anki, photographer, Stockholm
Beskrivning: https://ci4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/ZAuzw504rWD6mQBRUkXr4IzpJTeQQ5BJHypF9y5MWjl3MLVF0rdrH6urJWsIqtlLc0kzLVuZHEO0im7DspR3FNgjq8cMZRmz3xA=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.voiceofcosmos.com/DSC_0350%20-%20Copy.jpg



(It exudes openness, light, freedom, wisdom and love just like Aliya. Photo by: Anki)

(The course) yesterday was really absolutely great, the message went straight into my soul … and what was unbelievable was that Aliya put words on what I have felt for years ... Today I continued the already started process with a reading with Aliya ... It was wonderful and hard at the same time, that she put words on my thoughts and feelings. I have certainly gained a deeper and better understanding of my past that has been laying diffusely within me for so long. I am convinced that the tools that I now got will help me to grow ... to grow into the beautiful flower that I was destined to be originally. Thank you for being there and for your good work … Hug
~ Britt Damberg, Stockholm

I feel seen, confirmed, translucent and illuminated.
I was told what I somewhere already knew, but that is so painful that I stashed it. I understand now why my life looks like it does and I understand how I can change it.
Leave the past behind and take a big step into life that has been waiting for me.
Just the mere thought of it makes me feel happy and I look forward to what awaits me.
Aliya, thank you for helping me to see.
~ Monica, Stockholm    
Beskrivning: https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/7SbYvyYSEffWUXhvlhI7KP9tvm-aJcXqD5xxBGutDR9j-XtJRd50h_oUtxNcrWKJrV_7Cg-MG6sToLJ-oztJ182E7uk=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.voiceofcosmos.com/Gita%20Gavare.jpgI am very grateful of meeting you both and for Aliya’s reading. Thank you again so much. 
I really have been stressed and worried and even lost faith in my life. Aliya’s confidence and compassion was just amazing and powerful at the same time. Aliya is a wonderful woman with pure energy and I can't thank her well enough. 
I was surprised about the correctness of the things Aliya told and recognise as well that everything that happens to me is my own responsibility. I feel so great, happy and liberated after Aliya’s reading. The reading was inspirational, affirming and so aligned with my hopes and dreams. I got great tools to put myself back in balance when feeling bad. I wish and hope very soon to come and experience Aliya’s workshop. 
Lots of love and gratitude to both of you.
Gita Gavare Marotis, Mentor and entertainer, Copenhagen, Denmark(www.gitagavare.dk)
Thanks for an incredible experience, when I left it felt like my questions that had been spinning for so long in my head, dissolved and disappeared. It was like putting the last and highly anticipated pieces of the puzzle. I now look forward with excitement to a life of joy instead of brooding.

   ~ Anette Bång, Stockholm
I've just had a reading with Aliya, an incredibly precise reading. Totally scary and exciting. I have probably not really understood how good it really was. Perhaps time to make some changes in the field of work.
 ~ Anders Knutas, Stockholm (from his Facebook)
Never before have I got such direct, specific and accurate messages about my entire existence.
What I with several other Psychics have spent lots of time on, to get in small doses, I have been delivered directly in half the time. So precise, so right to the point, that I have never experienced anything like this.
Many psychics are cautious in delivering messages, but Aliya speaks directly so that you get the whole thing without a filter!
Thanks for a fantastic experience!
  ~ Helle Lundgren, Copenhagen, Denmark (from a post on Helle Birkehøj's Facebook page)

Beskrivning: https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/Qikq_wJ1KfeHSA7C6jCZtNJo3XTlG7cggTgM4X5FunmoSzfMwCLZfIvw2HaG6pEWQcatQ5wPDSsOp1vQsn38__o7PKe1Mtzm2Q=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.voiceofcosmos.com/Maria%20Karkov%20s.jpg"I have in my now 34 year old life no count on how many different clairvoyants / medium / psychics etc, I've been with and sought a little advice and guidance ... so yes, I have experienced talented and less talented, sharp and less sharp clairvoyants, mediums etc. .... but NOTHING of all that I have ever experienced can be compared to my experience with Aliya. I was from the beginning well informed about how a session with Aliya would take place. It was really nice because I had not met her before. Because of this I could come to her without any expectations.
In this information it was written that it was not uncommon that one would start to cry as she hits the real crucial ..... in my still mind, I thought – no, I do not think  it is going to happen to me. But yes. It's hard to describe in words how it is like to be with Aliya. It is not really understandable how she can be so sharp, loving and accurate in EVERYTHING she says - even the people who are in some way involved in the problematic situation I was facing she could feel and describes them as if she has known them all her life. Several times during the reading I felt a heaviness get off from my body and I felt the nicest, gentlest energy flowing through me. Never before have I felt so "seen" and "met" by such a competent person as Aliya - and Freddy is by the way making the process of translation so nice and frictionless. I was a little annoyed that I did not get all these gems recorded - but I was surprised when I later sat down with my pad and pen - that ALL information came to me again, almost like in waves ... and when one wave was over and I was about to stop, the next wave of information from the session came. To write it all down afterwards has for me made ​​the whole process and experience even more unique. I am full of gratitude!"
   ~ Maria Karkov, physiotherapist, Copenhagen (www.goodhealth.dk)

After participating in Aliya’s workshop on Saturday and a subsequent personal reading Sunday, a blessed calm came upon me. My doubts, about great and small things that previously took lots of space and made me run around in circles, are gone and I now have a deep confidence that I'm on the right track. I have also learned the importance of loving myself.
The workshop was deeply moving and it was incredibly fascinating to hear Aliya’s mini-readings for the participants who wanted it. The personal reading Sunday was a reconfirmation of Saturday's workshop, but of course more profoundly on a personal level.
I would recommend Aliya’s workshop and reading for all those who feel that they are in doubt, sad, stressed, sick or just needing a warm, life-affirming experience that causes your soul to sing.
Freddy translates Aliya’s words in a fluent and easy-to-understood manner. At times even humorous. Extremely skilful cooperation. Thank you for the experience.
Best regards
   ~ Diana Lindegaard, Coach and author, Copenhagen, Denmark(www.lindegaardcoaching.dk)
The session yesterday left me without words
just in being, depth and thoughtfulness.
A mega healing occurred in the conversation itself
and in the hours afterwards.

I was nervous when I arrived.
And everything was completely different,
than I could have imagined.
Although I imagine,
that I came without expectations.

Aliya and Freddy’s translation
was a musing transformation in directness and love
in words and in body language.
I got a transforming explanation on
why it was so hard for me to experience
that I am a woman and live as such a one
and why I've always felt like being hunted wildly
in my home.

I get goose bumps,
when I write this.
Everything was more than accurate.
Everything was direct and transforming
and I understood my whole life cycle until now.
why I had chosen the family
into which I was born
and why
it had been so painful to live there

I got the tools to finally
free me from the fetters and traumas of the past.
After having worked on myself for so many years
flapping about
avoiding myself and my soul.

I am filled with gratitude
without limits

From the heart thanks.
THANKS to Lone and Helle,
that you arranged this meeting
THANKS to Aliya and Freddy

In loving reunion
 ~ Annalis Valentin, 67 years, Copenhagen, Denmark



Article in "TilliT"

Aliya is a Russian-speaking Russian woman who has an ability to see clearly and also see clearly in other people. It was a very special experience to sit with a group of people an entire Sunday (10-17) and hear Aliya talk about things that come straight from her heart, without script or any considerate avoiding. Very impressive to hear how she incredibly right to the point describes different people in the group. It is clear that what she conveys is correct. Aliya says she "SEES" information that she interprets and communicates in the "NOW". She is an ARTIST who has a crystal clear ability to touch people deeply with her ART and KNOWLEDGE. This is further confirmed when the people in the group very openly and freely talk about their experiences after having been to her individual readings the previous day. These people had with the help of Aliya received crucial help through her HONEST CLEAR LUCID information.
To meet the leader Aliya was a great experience and we’d like to thank Knud-Erik, who is the brother of the fantastic translator Freddy Nielsen. Knud-Erik suggested us to visit the event. His brother Freddy conveys Aliya’s beautiful Russian into very pleasant entertaining English. The genuine cooperation between Aliya and Freddy gives the experience an added dimension.
Aliya also conducted two guided meditations during the day. The person authoring this newsletter experienced these meditations as very powerful. In Meditation No. 2 the following was experienced: I went deeper, deeper, higher and higher into the meditation, felt that I experienced myself outside of my body, the body sat in the room meditating. I was not just (an entity) who experienced myself, but several entities of myself as if in a circle around the meditating Michael that experienced myself. Subsequently the whole thing expanded, the next location was experienced. I found myself in a meadow, walked wonderfully on the meadow and from this place I experienced myself and my immediate family, at the same time I noticed myself sitting in the room in meditation, it expanded further while Aliya guided us. I now felt a new location/dimension, was in a "dream" where I also saw myself in the dream while I clearly could observe myself sitting in the room in Copenhagen. Then it all opened and everything became totally calm and clear, I felt and could see that I exist everywhere in every moment and event everywhere. A quiet experience and insight, a strong clear eye-opener, "indeed, this is of course the way things are ... this is how everything is possible all the time". Aliya asked the participants to softly and gently round up the meditation ...
  Mikael Engström, Founder of the positive newspaper "Tillit" (Trust), Sweden
        The article in its entirety is in Swedish and can be seen here



From Aliya's book "The Voice of Silence"

Hi. My name is Patrik Bladh and I work as the CEO of a Swedish company. I've had the pleasure to have a personal consultation with Aliya. During my fifty-two years I have done many spiritual consultations of various types, including astrology, in several countries. But never before have I experienced something that coincided so well with the way things actually are in my life, as her consultations. It was overwhelming for me to experience her perception, and how she describes in detail and answers questions.
A big part of the consultation was that when Aliya saw a problem, she went deeper and deeper into it, so that I finally understood so much that I have been able to change both myself and the situation I have found myself in.
I have no idea where she gets her knowledge from, but in the Indian philosophy, there is something called ritambara pragyam, which is the truth-bearing level of consciousness, and that's probably what she is in contact with; or it is some aspect of the Akashic Record, or something similar. For there are absolutely no personal interpretations or emotional additions from her part. It is simply pure truth that comes forth. 
I must admit that I am deeply impressed, and I recommend anyone with problems or issues related to their marriage, children, or the like, to take a consultation with Aliya. It can change people’s lives. As far as I have understood, her ability to see spiritually has increased since I first met her, and it is probably because she has become even more pure in the heart. One can see that she has a strong charisma, and is more like an innocent child.
In my opinion, Aliya one of the best clairvoyant mediums in the world, if not the very best.
Good luck!
When I now meet Aliya twelve years later, it's like time has been standing still. It feels like she has no personal Life – as if she only reflects the divine. Again I can only say that Aliya as a medium is outstanding, in a class by itself. Her selfless heart is beautiful – very beautiful.
   ~ Patrik Bladh, Vadstena, 2012, Sweden
Hello. My name is Tom Matteo, and I come from New York. My meeting with Aliya was an amazing experience. I went to her with the knowledge that she has powerful spiritual powers. I was not that much interested in my present or future life, but more about which blocks I have, so I can overcome them and become a happier and more harmonious person.
These blocks may include the ones that prevented me from reaching certain goals, or to have developed more spiritually, financially, relationship-wise, and so on. So I really enjoyed Aliya's approach. She used her spiritual abilities to tell me about my life in such a way that it helped me to see my blocks.
All I really can say is that Aliya's abilities are exceptional. I just sat there and she started talking to me about myself. It was extremely powerful. But it was also fun and stimulating! I've just woken up in several different ways, and I have so much to ponder on what she said to me in less than an hour. It could keep me busy for a long time! So it was, to say the least, well worth it. I actually wanted to continue and get more of her, but she said I had enough to process.
Aliya emphasized that it was important that I strengthened my faith in my own discernment and my own abilities, so that I did not put my faith too much on her. This approach impressed me a lot. She really works to help people, which touches me deeply. So on the whole it was a fantastic experience that I highly recommend to anyone. Of course, I intend to see her again.

... It is now three months since I had my consultation with Aliya. During this time I have worked a lot on myself, my life and my relationships in a way that had not been possible without Aliya. It has been a period of both challenges and development. From what I can remember, everything that Aliya said felt completely right to me. My visit to her was like as a reflection of my life, and it has given me the opportunity to make some crucial changes. For example, the relationship with my wife now has a better foundation and more effortless than ever. But most important is that the relationship with myself is better, I have a better idea of who I am. Among other things I have learned is to listen to that little voice within that guides me in the difficult situations. During these months have come to know several blocks in me, which made it possible for me to get rid of them. In short, I live more today than I ever did before. And I am now ready for a new session with Aliya, to see what could be the next step in my development.
Meeting Aliya was thus an extremely powerful experience – an experience that I recommend to every person who wants more out of life.
   ~ Thomas P. Matteo, CEO, The Sequitur Group, New York, USA
Hi, my name is Michael Kallebäck, and I live in Stockholm. I was on one of my almost daily visits to a health food store, when they told me that there was a Russian medium in town, and I knew immediately that this was something for me. In the past, I have been to various mediums without being too impressed. But in this case it felt right from the start. Why, I don’t know.
They said I could come right away, because there was a free time right then. So I went there without having any questions, and I met Aliya and Freddy. At first I thought Freddy merely was a translator, but later I realized he was something much more.
I asked what I was supposed to do, and Aliya told me to ask questions; or she could say something about me. Since I did not really have any question, she began to tell about me. What struck me was that she was so pure, she was so extremely pure in her energies, which for me was a sign that the information she gives does not get colored.
The whole thing was an extremely powerful experience for me. Not only meeting with her, but the combination with Freddy's translation, which was more like a channeling of her. It made a very deep impression on me. And when I talk about this now I am feeling how I get goose bumps. So I'm really grateful to them.
   ~ Michael Kallebäck, Stockholm, Sweden



Beskrivning: https://ci5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/lMYe7GRIInlP6Jc3S-KQJgubbR1cnTZPvVutxTLsh-vtbz2XhptVk3WDENM6rOqbs7AL64RByHpXkRHxaRXAmU8p4fgFL9RyR90=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.voiceofcosmos.com/Ingrid%20Ohlin%20sm.jpgDuring the dance meditation my body began to automatically move itself along with the bells of the music, without me influencing my body. This was very cool, I've never experienced it before. The following day when I was seeing it was as if not really me looking through my eyes; it was like looking through different eyes. The pain I had in my lower back got dissolved during the dance meditation and I felt good, I felt cool. 
That the pain disappeared was more important than the body's automatic movement, but it was actually cooler that the body moved automatically, because I have already experienced the healing of my back pain a few times before. 
The following day my legs felt light, no heavy legs at all. My hip was not stiff anymore, it had become flexible.
   ~ Ingrid Öhlin, 50, cook, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
I was undoubtedly with the most clear-seeing clairvoyant I have ever experienced on Friday – an experience WITHOUT equal.
Everything she said from start to finish went right into the soul, and she was extremely accurate, honest and pure when she was receiving any feedback from me. I can recommend her the warmest when she comes back in late March. 
... everybody I know has had a fantastic experience with her.
   ~ from the Facebook page of healer/therapist Helle Birkehøj, Denmark
Beskrivning: https://ci5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/WQkXwSzvrfOwRLkx11l8IZ27RGIkleyc4BvBPxcyM9J4C6unkNMCWhnTm_N6zWfW1IhY-WwoSK7yEZT361ZbKS9VcY1l0bQGOEU8DyvzIw75-BU=s0-d-e1-ft#http://www.voiceofcosmos.com/Vibeke_25_okt.2011_001%20xsm.JPG  Reading, December 2011, in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
I was deeply impressed by how easily Aliya scanned my whole being, and quickly and without doubts told what I needed to know to go forward in a different way with my personal development. She gave me tools for how to cleanse away the last remnants of my past and how I should focus on the future to be entirely free and get where my soul longed to be. Aliya really said all I needed to know and I'm very satisfied. What a fantastic woman.
   Course, December 2011, in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
I had a really wonderful experience of the course. Aliya scanned the group's energy and needs, the course was a mixture of important spiritual enlightening information, various highly spiritual meditations and questions. In the answers to these questions I could often recognize myself as the answers entered in a spiritual plane. During the meditations, I experienced an extreme fine subtle energy flowing through body and soul and I walked away from the course with a balanced, joyous and harmonious feeling.
~ Vibeke Johnson, 44, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Beskrivning: https://ci5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/rohCUqMV0sIe983Ax-0JmdCDAcCt44hx_5IwzykCNVO2GVkc2U9B9pw0dmGUHu-wQ85O6AW2e3ATsuHECizwc6eUsy9pTAMAQY824v0f_M5cDug0QqDrHOw=s0-d-e1-ft#http://voiceofsilence.webs.com/Maria%20Sjolen%20Sundsvall%20130.jpgAlready at home I felt that I was going to meet a sympathetic, loving person in Aliya; what was the bonus was that the man (Freddy) who interpreted it all really helped with his energy and really made every effort to translate accurately to both sides which is not always that easy as I have seen on other courses with an interpreter; they made me feel welcome and seen on the course!
There was no question that Aliya is using the supreme power when answering questions, and this feeling was also present in the meditations during the day, which incidentally were very powerful and loving.
Aliya was very responsive to the group’s requests to submit questions, everybody received answers to their questions.
When I went from the course, I felt centered, replenished and very satisfied; and a sense of accepting and loving myself occurred.
Much love & Light to you and the job that you do for other people! Hugs
~ Maria Sjölén, Medium/Healer, Sundsvall, Sweden


The first thing I noticed was that you could see these amazing things that I almost only have thought briefly in my mind. We have spoken about it in our family, with my mother and so on, but you said it straight out, and spot on the actual feeling I had about the situation, and that is truly amazing. ... This is just mind blowing, how you as a totally outside person can know this fundamental things about me, my family and this fundamental stone in our lives, which have shaped us and effected us in our everyday life! Amazing! Of course you could not have known any of this before, and you truly have an amazing gift.
   ~ Robert, Umeå, Sweden


I want to thank Aliya for the reading on Monday 12 December 2011. I felt she knew my soul at a very deep inner level.
Love and light
~ Esther Økær, Denmark



I was so deeply affected by Aliya’s last visit, I received a personal reading/clairvoyance and participated in a 1-day course, so I just had to get her back to Copenhagen again, to give others the same amazing opportunity.
My reading was indescribably life changing. So much from my past was resolved, and I walked away with life-transforming insights. I have personally tried psychics from around the world, but my meeting with Aliya's gifts was as a 40-year-old prayer that 
finally got answered.
Aliya's spiritual talents/gifts are simply so clear and pure - I'd call them "
direct clair-seeing”.
   ~ Chanett Bonde, Copenhagen, Denmark


Thanks Aliya! Thanks Freddy! Last Friday I was with Aliya for the second time. Much of my life is in flux right now. Problems and challenges have for a long time followed me in my personal life and in my business. Aliya immediately saw my situation, the reasons why I ended up here but also what's in store for me. She actually saw me and she saw the way of life in me. 
Meeting with Aliya was for me a meeting with the divine within and around me. She is a true channel for this. I feel strengthened from the source and clearly hear my soul calling and it just wants me to be happy! Thanks once again! 
   ~ Camilla, 44 years, owner of a private company, Stockholm, Sweden

I have been to readings with Aliya for 4 years and now as I’m writing this, the mind's tyrannical grip has completely disappeared. I am one with life and the Source. All questions and doubts about life is about to fade away, all I want to be and have is indeed right here. Within me a happy and spontaneous child is bubbling, a child who just wants to go out in the world and play and give love.
Thank you for this wonderful time Aliya and Freddy, for now it is André who conducts courses and do readings that Aliya mentioned already four years ago. 
 ~ André Carlsson, Stockholm, Sweden

Beskrivning: https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/iI6bR_DEE-JsBknv8XD0epFTX62DwtHgLi3rI4ZGh7maP72sOmfbN4Rd7SDq3RaaFOs-SHGjPpK6hM9JudDCAni1ktPgtEUMo2xl7IA2pw=s0-d-e1-ft#http://voiceofsilence.webs.com/Lyubov%20Karabaeva%202.jpgfrom Aliya's Facebook (August 30, 2011):
Precious wonderful Aliya, every time I think of you, when I can feel you, my heart gets alive and my eyes start to cry tears of pure love and gratitude. I do not know how to define these experiences, but it is so deep that I cannot express it yet. You touch my very essence, and from being an ordinary woman prone to weakness and getting lost in darkness, I become a river of love and tenderness, and I can simply be. Be in tears, be in an infinite tenderness for everyone and for all things living and not living.
~ Lyubov Karabaeva, Perm, Russia

Beskrivning: https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/Vospqdy-PeqyqdaxVlYSpzYJZa2ag8oH4hVVPhjUdGxE3u9C1yxaDbId4_ZkQsfCGe3bwQsk2bwhZ0lNVNRaM8GApWc=s0-d-e1-ft#http://voiceofsilence.webs.com/Datse%20150.JPGEach time when I meet Aliya, I am surprised how positive, emotional, spiritual, easy and friendly the conversation is. The entire flow that works for me (for each participant) is based on a feeling of Absolute Divine Love. Love in oneself, not outside, but indeed within! 
Again and again I am amazed how easily and instantly there is a change in one’s sensations, awareness and sensitivity when being in contact with Aliya, whether a personal meeting or a workshop! Aliya brings each and every one of us closer to the Source that we all seem to have forgotten nicely, and this is the only real value that we can truly rely on for life. 
I have a deep sense of gratitude for Aliya’s workshops and meetings as it has helped me, in literally just a couple of days, to see and return to myself, my life and my pure relationship with the divine! 
~ Dace, Kundalini yoga teacher, Riga, Latvia



For me, the whole experience was profoundly moving and intimate. I don't think I realised just how intense the reading was until I left, when everything became surreal and imbued with special purpose. I feel many things happening within me and around me since meeting Aliya and I would certainly recommend it to those who feel drawn to meet her. 
 ~ Sophia, Writer, Scotland

I have felt that life was strenuous and I felt a greater potential that I couldn’t access and this built up a frustration in me. With the help of this the reading I could see the obstacle, the saboteur, in me, which makes life feel easier; I feel more flow etc. This allows me to move towards a life of greater harmony.
The information was right on the spot. Aliya identified both the problem and showed the possibility of how to be free.
    ~ Jan Lundberg, consultant in leadership /therapist, Stockholm, Sweden

Hi and thanks for yesterday. It was very nice to meet you both and get a reading of Allinja (Aliya). It was so simple and right to the point that I got goose bumps because of confirmation. I actually feel immediate changes in myself that I've been working on since a long time. Thanks!
   ~ Helena Drake, Healer, Stockholm, Sweden

No one has spoken with me about the flowers and the wind
The wind that was my guiding star when I was in Egypt.
Nobody has made me see myself in a greater context,
my task here in the deliverance
So… a Warm Thanks from my heart
to You Aliya, who saw.
   ~ Ann-Sofi Örn Broberg, Sweden

I would like to share how I experienced my reading with Alihya (Aliya). 
It was a very peculiar experience to take part in the book of life. I did not have to say anything about myself. A waterfall of extremely loving words flowed towards me. Words with wings that were circling around in the room and told about my life, showed things that I had hidden deep down in my darkest room. No details about specific happenings, but nevertheless Aliya was right to the point. I am interested in the course. 

   ~ Angelica, Sweden



Aliya is certainly the most lucid clairvoyant I have ever experienced. She covered everything I had written down before I came, and more than that, before I had even said a word. No nonsense, direct, flowingly and lovingly she told about people, events and relationships in my past, present and future.
...until now it has been a very sobering and moving experience, and I’d like to thank her for this.
  ~ Johnny Søgaard, 48, Copenhagen, Denmark
To meet Aliya was like to meeting my higher self! Virtually everything she saw in me was absolutely the way I feel and experience "myself" on the physical plane and on another dimension. She saw and talked straight into and out of my heart! Aliya conveyed message lovingly, clearly seeing and straight, with no wrapping in!
  ~ Monica Cederberg, 48, Solna, Sweden

Beskrivning: https://ci5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/Jx5LW0YlLNRCq5Tv82G6CT1l013XHIvDnO1p_uSrEjUtbtpcjGFq7tW27mJxCYz6LywS25xghz5Z2cYCKYuhDfLHl9hF=s0-d-e1-ft#http://voiceofsilence.webs.com/Lars%20Smith.bmpBeing "read" by Aliya was a profound and moving experience!!! As I had been travelling from Switzerland for one and a half day nearly without sleep, the exhaustion made me feel very open for this message. After saying hello to Freddy and Aliya the reading began almost immediately. It poured out like water of insight from another dimension, a dimension with an instant, total and loving knowledge about who I am as I human being and what my story is all about. Very strange and moving!!! I did feel the very profound presence of the divine in the words Aliya said. This was very moving and is living on in me. As if I have had a chat with God himself, but not in the form of a supreme, transcendent, judging being, but in the form of a caring, very present and very responsible parent, who are always there for us, knows everything about us and therefore loves us! Could it be Christ??? I am a trained astrologist. What Aliya told about my early childhood and even about the time before my birth was TOTALLY equivalent to what I have been seeing in my own horoscope, as if a horoscope is only a script of symbols of clairvoyant insight - but Aliya's message went much deeper, even telling me things about my father and mother that I might have expected, but not truly dared to put in words. This was at the same time a hurtful and healing experience. Because everything that was said about me was filled with at the same time unconditional truth, springing from an eternal insight in the path of souls, great humour and forgiveness! The question still remains how I shall overcome the traumas in my life, but in the aftermath of the reading I do feel a new confidence in the divine, that the presence in us loves us and wants us to unfold - and that absolutely EVERYTHING that comes to us has a deeper meaning if we believe that everything has a cause. I do think that it is only a question of getting used to the new me! I do feel that this is a new beginning for me and that I would like to take part in some of Aliya's courses. I want to pass this on - I mean the loving understanding, because that is what people really thirst for on this planet!  Thank you Aliya and Freddy, it is truly wonderful that you are here to help people awake in these challenging times! 
  ~ Lars Smith, Viborg, Denmark

Beskrivning: https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/RjXz2O9wIdLvy9yyeGhriIqkwecLlj0I58-i6absJ3PYd6a-OvTVny3LgXyIS8mFdPZfAh27pYGJ7bO-JuEG8etNU_cK92jmorjNACmTtCyRKmXvNG2DqMUasKkqdHFtaHmwm9cw=s0-d-e1-ft#http://voiceofsilence.webs.com/Testimonials%20pics/S5001607%20Annie%20%20125.JPGWhen I climbed the stairs to the apartment where the reading was going to be given, I was filled with anticipation and curiosity, with the feeling that I would soon experience something different and very special, something I have since long been yearning for ...
The atmosphere was warm and welcoming when I stepped into the room. When the reading had started, a totally incredible flow of words started. It felt totally natural that she knew absolutely everything about me from the very start. Aliya pointed out some time that her soul was communicating with mine and it felt really so too, although I find it hard to really grasp it ...
The whole thing could almost be compared to what I’ve heard about "near-death experiences". To suddenly understand everything, the relief and the calm. I felt happy and ready for life when the reading was over and I walked away with a smile on my face ...
After my brother and I had been to the reading we decided rather quickly to also come to the course. The course was just as warm and welcoming to come to. During the meditation, I felt very deeply relaxed. Occasionally I came in contact with the body in some way. Maybe it was just that I wanted to feel that way, but I felt that I did not really know how I was sitting on the chair. To be on the safer side I had to check, so I did not sit with bent spine and with my head sloping or something! …
In the beginning Aliya told that there was someone in the room who knew that this was the first course of several that she is going to attend, someone who wants to get involved with healing or something similar to what she does etc. etc. Then she asked who in the room felt that way. I did not really dare to answer, because what if there was anyone else in the room who felt exactly the same and that it was her who she meant? But the more I thought about it, the more certain I became that it was me that she had meant, and I regretted that I did not cry out immediately "Me" ...
The course was filled with many profound lessons and knowledge on how to live life in an optimal way and everything seemed so easy with all these helpful words. I partly wish that I would have recorded on tape the entire course, just like I wanted to have done with the reading. But I hope that much of which I don't think I remember right now, is really etched into my subconscious and it will come up whenever I need it in the future...
~ Annie Hägglund, 18, student, Trehörningsjö, Sweden

I thought I came to the reading out of curiosity but was soon told that it was not so. There was obviously more than just curiosity, I was there for a bigger reason. And I knew that in fact. When Aliya said this, it seemed obvious, and so it went throughout the reading. It felt as if everything Aliya said was totally true in details. Both the information that I was aware of and the information that came as something new, fitted very well into my life's puzzle and the feelings I've been carrying on. Everything seemed suddenly obvious. I'm glad I’ve experienced Aliya’s great ability. Now I need not doubt any longer.
Thanks for the professional hospitality!
   ~ Kristian Hägglund, 21, illustrator, Trehörningsjö, Sweden
I had a wonderful reading of Aliya in Gothenburg little more than three years ago. I can take this opportunity to tell you that before the reading I had had a very difficult type of anxiety over five years and psychiatry had without results tried to help me in various ways, but after meeting with you, I got miraculously totally HEALTHY!
I was in total harmony and happiness for a month until my beloved Mats, was diagnosed with throat cancer. I took care of him and was constantly by his side for a year before he died.
Thanks to meeting Aliya and you (Freddy) I got light, happiness and power that lasted until my beloved went to God! Isn’t it completely amazing!??
 ~ Ylva Wålstedt, Lungsund, Sweden



I felt a presence of warmth and love when Aliyah came into the room, which also lasted after the reading. Aliya described with precision my current situation, my childhood and upbringing. Through Aliyah’s loving conscious being and with the help of the advice Aliya gave me, I realized how I can let go of my past through forgiveness. A past that is holding me back so that I, in the Now, can let the Day in; and through this appreciation I can myself become a loving person for my surrounding.
   ~ Bernt Kristensson, Economist, Stockholm, Sweden 


Aliya is fantastic, a Godess of Pure Love! What a wonderful energy. A powerful meeting, from the first moment everything came as running water; my entire history as inherited from childhood to now. It gave me a new radiating power from another dimension! 
Sure, it was also confirmations (as she herself told me) because I have searched for answer in my entire +60 life.
In spite of this it is hard to explain that: "The meeting with Aliya has forever changed my life profoundly!" 
   ~ Luzia Sparf, Stockholm, Sweden 


My meeting with Aliya felt easy, fun and full of true love. Her manner was like a soft and light wind. She felt so natural and pure and her love so simple. 
All that she said coincided with my truth and the details that I had doubts about, I got confirmed later on. 
About the course after my reading; 
"In my experience, Aliya’s “Meet Yourself” course was a harmonious complement to my reading and am grateful that I attended. I feel joy that I have met both Freddy and Aliya. Thanks:)"   
Thank you for the course.   
Warm regards
   ~ Jenny Elofsdotter Eriksson, Västerås, Sweden 


I want to thank you for the reading I got from Aliya today. The reading was so exactly on the spot on  everything, it was absolutely incredible. 
I got an understanding of why my life was and is the way it was and is. Why people come into my life for various reasons. There was a lot to think about when I left (the reading) and I am going to think about this for a very long time. 
A warm thank you to both of you!  
Warm greetings
   ~ Marie Bergwall, Sweden


My meeting with Aliya was fantastic. She is a very loving, humble and open channel. She helped me to open up to my inner core and come in close contact with my guardian angel. Thank you!
   ~ Dorte Olhoff, Copenhagen, Denmark


Aliya is the best clairvoyant reader I have met in my 71 years long and deeply spiritual life. So much accurate information in such a short time. Wow!
   ~ Willy Gregor, healer, Copenhagen, Denmark



I was overjoyed at the reading I received from Aliya. I felt completely understood, without my saying anything she knew me! She gave me insights in the area of love which I had been searching for but was unable to fully put together until she said it. She took me to a new level.  
  ~ Terry L. Brown, Los Angeles, USA
Aliya’s course had the highest spiritual level of all the courses I’ve ever attended. My reading was amazing. She said everything with such accuracy and speed that I could hardly believe that I could get so much insight and information about my life in 50 minutes ... It was like coming face to face with the Light. She helped me to see things clearly about myself – more than years of therapy could have done. 
  ~ Thérèse, 51 years, Belgium
Aliya is very accurate in her gift to to see truths and describe people and events. It was a very powerful and loving encounter for me.  
  ~ Christina Divén, workshop leader, Stockholm, Sweden
With great joy I’m looking forward to Aliya’s visit to Stuttgart. It’s the first time someone visits us who so clearly embodies the new consciousness. This awareness is deep inside everyone and waiting to be fully awakened and set free in all of us.
   I had the pleasure to meet Aliya 5 months ago in Ghent, Belgium. Completely directly and deeply moved, I could experience the following: Aliya lives each moment in that which we all are yearning for, and that we may already have experienced in happy moments in nature, in love or in connection with a piece of art:
• universal, boundless suprapersonal love
• completely natural, effortless Presence
• archetypal clarity, transparency and authenticity
• unconditional dedication and total transparency to the divine
• total freedom from all involvement in lower dramas (victim / rescuer).
   ~ Henner E. Ritter, Dr in psychotherapeutic medicine, founder of Padma-Institute for holistic healing & personal development, Stuttgart, Germany
I had a reading with Aliya almost a year ago.  In retrospect it is easier to see the impact it had on me.
Here is my impression of Aliya.
Aliya is truly beautiful... She brought light in the midst of darkness, recognition of my most intimate truth, a sense of everything being OK and hope/certainty for the end of suffering. She seems to know you better than you know yourself at times. She holds you in love, encourages and supports your unique expression. She is not just a clairvoyant, she is a teacher and a guide, a caring and a compassionate one.
I am very thankful for having encountered her. I hope to meet her again. 
  ~ M.K. Belgium
The following feedback was written a few days after a reading and the course that took place in Stockholm/Sweden, March 2008:
To start with, I wanted to cancel my reading and didn’t care to go because I was scared to get the reading. I was afraid that someone else would interfere in my life, see my weak sides and failures. But my rational “I” thought that I had nothing to lose by meeting myself. Meeting Aliya felt natural to me; it was as if I had known her since a long time. 
I came to know about my life’s experiences with such clarity and accuracy that I couldn’t believe it was true. What Aliya said, Freddy translated to the point. Aliya gave me examples of what I needed to become aware of. Everything sounded so simple when she told me about myself. 
Here are a few examples of what she told me:
1) Why are certain situations repeated again and again? There is a story about a Master and a disciple where the disciple does not understand why he has to go through the same difficult situation over and over again. The Master answered: It is simple, you didn’t pass the test, so you have to go through it again.
2) It often happens that what you plan does not occur, but the opposite. It is because you did not listen to your inner voice. Your soul knows exactly what is right for you and what you ought to do each moment. Your soul knows exactly how you should act. It is a cosmic principle. 
3) What do you think is the difference between common and successful people? Not so much in fact. They are exactly as we are, but with the difference that they have found the cosmic key: to follow the higher power within us.
I now feel that I have gotten answers to things that I have been wondering about as well as matters that I was not aware of. I am still digesting what was told. Time passes so fast, but in spite of that, I felt I got to hear the most important of what I needed to know. 
I think it was very simple, why I went to the reading. It was to come to know myself better. 
Feedback after the course:
The course was about life, both in general and at the individual level. It was ok to ask questions during the course at any time. The ones who did so, always received answers from Aliya that was the correct one in a broad perspective. 
It was not uncommon that the person who asked the question started to laugh. I think that everyone heard things they needed to hear and which resulted in a higher consciousness. 
Aliya was very energetic and she balanced her speech with examples and questions from the audience. I believe that the purpose with the course was to meet myself and to see myself from behind a mirror. Only then is it possible for me to start knowing myself. 
This was the best course I have been to as I think that everyone got something out from it.
I think everyone heard something that gave them answers to questions they’ve had for a long time.
  ~ Christian, 28 years old, IT-consultant, Stockholm, Sweden

To meet Aliya felt like a deep and honest meeting with myself. She helps me to see the truth about myself beyond all illusions. 
During the years, I have met many channels/mediums and received guidance for myself; I have also been educated to help people in this way. 
In connection to this, I have met many brilliant channels/mediums, but none of them have had such gift, that I feel that Aliya has. She is, in my experience, a very pure channel.
To me, she has been a great source of inspiration as to how to continue with my own life, but also in my work to help others.  
One can definitely say that it has been a true turning point in my life to have met Aliya; a powerful awakening takes place, if one dares, to become free from all illusions one has lived in and that have been a hindrance to live a complete life in love to oneself and to others. 
I wish with my entire heart that you also take the chance to meet Aliya! It may be the awakening that you need and have been waiting for!
Good luck!
~ Maria Rosenlind, medium and spiritual teacher, Sweden