It is now possible to order online readings. 
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 Now it has become possible to have a karmic life reading online with Aliya. 
Many say it has been incredibly accurate and profound, even when it is online. Here come a Danish woman sharing her online reading with just audio (no video) and she never heard of Aliya before: 
... " 
That reading went straight in my heart and my feelings. What Aliya told me about my becoming was true and I felt it so clearly in my body. 

Everything, and I mean everything, that Aliya told me about my time on earth until now is absolutely true. I'm excited about the future if it brings what Aliya told me about. If so, it will be a big step in my life. Never before have I met / talked to a person who so clearly and to the point told about me. 

No one in the family knows me as much as Aliya was able to tell. I felt it on a deep level. I cried afterwards for an hour, I was lightly shocked that she saw everything in me. I look forward to the time ahead with open arms. Thank you from my heart, Aliya.
Warm greeting,
Dorthe, Helsinge, Denmark..."